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A House With A Date Palm Will Never Starve

Cooking With Date Syrup


Michael Rakowitz & Friends

July 2019


An acclaimed artist invites chefs and food writers to create mouth-watering dishes with a traditional Middle Eastern ingredient.

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An Alphabet

Written and pictured by Mrs Arthur Gaskin

April 2018 (first publ. 1895)


An exquisite facsimile edition of a classic Victorian children’s alphabet primer written and illustrated by a celebrated Arts and Crafts artist and designer.

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59 Paintings

In which the artist considers the process of thinking about and making work

Paul Winstanley

April 2018


An exquisitely designed and singular book presenting an acclaimed artist’s personal view about how paintings are conceived, made and interpreted.

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Bettina von Zwehl and Josh Cohen

July 2016


This highly conceptual and beautiful art work in book form is the result of a unique collaboration between an artist photographer and psychoanalyst writer.

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Stuart Haygarth

April 2016


In this original and striking book, artist and designer Stuart Haygarth presents his series of seductively beautiful photographs of some of the thousands of discarded man-made objects that he found while walking along the entire English south coast.

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Another Green World

Linn Botanic Gardens
Encounters with a Scottish Arcadia

Alison Turnbull with Philip Hoare

October 2015


An artist and a writer’s lyrical portrait of a unique place: a magical, idiosyncratic collection of thousands of exotic plants created by a father and son beside a Scottish loch.

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