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Paul Gauguin’s Intimate Journals

Paul Gauguin
Preface by Emile Gauguin

March 2019


A beautiful facsimile of the first English translation of Gauguin’s frank and entertaining memoir, written just before he died, in which he reveals his innermost thoughts on art, life and love.

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The Art of Rodin

Introduction by Louis Weinberg

July 2018 (first publ. 1918)


A beautiful clothbound centenary facsimile of a rare early book on the father of modern sculpture.

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The Art of Aubrey Beardsley

Preface and introduction by Arthur Symons

April 2018 (first publ. 1918)

£19.95 SOLD OUT

A beautiful clothbound centenary facsimile of the first definitive book on the work of one of the most controversial and influential artists of the Aesthetic and Art Nouveau movements.

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59 Paintings

In which the artist considers the process of thinking about and making work

Paul Winstanley

April 2018


An exquisitely designed and singular book presenting an acclaimed artist’s personal view about how paintings are conceived, made and interpreted.

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Becoming Henry Moore

Edited by Hannah Higham
Texts by Sebastiano Barassi, Tania Moore, Jon Wood

July 2017


A gorgeous book exploring the formative years of the young Henry Moore and his emergence as an iconic modern sculptor of international repute.

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Fahrelnissa Zeid

Painter of Inner Worlds

Adila Laïdi-Hanieh

June 2017


The extraordinary story of the life and work of the first female modern Turkish-Jordanian painter and a pioneer of twentieth-century abstraction.

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Could Have, Would Have, Should Have

Inside the World of the Art Collector


Tiqui Atencio

October 2016


A lively account of a lifelong activity seen variously as a heroic commitment or a crazy sickness.

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On Being An Artist

Michael Craig-Martin

April 2015


A unique mix of memoir, personal manifesto, and advice for the aspiring artist from Michael Craig-Martin, one of the most influential teachers of recent decades, who has nurtured two generations of British artists.

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Under the Influence

John Deakin, Photography and the Lure of Soho


Robin Muir

April 2014


This acclaimed book presents the colourful and celebrated characters of postwar Soho as seen by a maverick photographer ‘whose pictures take you by the scruff of the neck and insist that you see’.

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Incredible Tretchikoff

Boris Gorelik

July 2013

e-book £9.99 / £8.32

Published to coincide with the centenary of his birth, this book tells the enthralling story of this flamboyant and controversial artist from his humble beginnings to the highs and lows of later life.

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Terence Donovan Fashion special edition

Edited by Diana Donovan and David Hillman

Text by Robin Muir

Foreword by Grace Coddington

January 2013


Edition of 30

The limited edition of this acclaimed book comes with a beautiful silver gelatin print of a 1965 photograph by Donovan for French Elle.

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Terence Donovan Fashion

Edited by Diana Donovan and David Hillman

Text by Robin Muir

Foreword by Grace Coddington

November 2012


British photographer Terence Donovan's iconic images helped to create the Swinging Sixties. Published to great acclaim, this book is a landmark in the history of fashion photography.

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