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Anita Klein: Out of the Ordinary

Forty Years of Printmaking


Foreword by Hollie McNish
Texts by Mel Gooding and Rebecca & Vincent Eames
Poems contributed by Dame Carol Ann Duffy, Hollie McNish & Wendy Cope

October 2022


A charming and intimate visual journal of the highly popular artist and her family's daily life over four decades.

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Josef Albers

Discovery and Invention – The Early Graphic Works


Foreword by David Cleaton-Roberts
Texts by Brenda Danilowitz and Jeannette Redensek

January 2022


Offers a fresh and surprising view of a celebrated pioneer of modernism and one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.

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Victor Willing



Foreword by Sir Nicholas Serota
Texts by John McEwen, Elizabeth Gilmore and Victoria Howarth

October 2019


The first monograph in two decades to explore the work of a ground-breaking but overlooked painter described by Nicholas Serota as the ‘brightest of a bright generation’.

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Paula Rego

Obedience and Defiance


Edited by Anthony Spira and Catherine Lampert
With texts by Catherine Lampert and Kate Zambreno

June 2019


A major publication on the radical and political work of one of Britain’s most celebrated living figurative artists.

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Edward Woodman

The Artist’s Eye


Edited by Gilane Tawadros and Judy Adam
Foreword by Phyllida Barlow
Texts by Gilane Tawadros and Woodrow Kernohan

November 2018


The first overview of the work of the acclaimed photographer Edward Woodman, the photographer of choice for two generations of British artists.

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Beautiful World, Where Are You?

Edited by Sinéad McCarthy

July 2018


Published in association with Liverpool Biennial, this collection of commissioned texts and art works explores the state of the world today in a time of social, political and environmental turmoil.

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Becoming Henry Moore

Edited by Hannah Higham
Texts by Sebastiano Barassi, Tania Moore, Jon Wood

July 2017


A gorgeous book exploring the formative years of the young Henry Moore and his emergence as an iconic modern sculptor of international repute.

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Bettina von Zwehl and Josh Cohen

July 2016


This highly conceptual and beautiful art work in book form is the result of a unique collaboration between an artist photographer and psychoanalyst writer.

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Another Green World

Linn Botanic Gardens
Encounters with a Scottish Arcadia

Alison Turnbull with Philip Hoare

October 2015



An artist and a writer’s lyrical portrait of a unique place: a magical, idiosyncratic collection of thousands of exotic plants created by a father and son beside a Scottish loch.

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Gideon Rubin special edition

Texts by Gabriel Coxhead, Martin Herbert, Aya Lurie,
Sarah Suzuki

July 2015

Special edition £600.00

Edition of 100

A special edition of this exquisite book on the acclaimed young Israeli painter Gideon Rubin, presented in a slipcase with a hand-painted gouache design, limited to 100 copies (20 each of 5 designs).

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Gideon Rubin

Texts by Gabriel Coxhead, Martin Herbert, Aya Lurie,
Sarah Suzuki

July 2015

£29.99 SOLD OUT

This exquisite book is the first monograph on the acclaimed young Israeli painter Gideon Rubin, celebrated for his haunting yet compelling portraits of faceless subjects that are drawn from found photographs, newspapers and magazines.

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A K Dolven

Please Return


Edited by Gaby Hartel

February 2015


This compelling book presents a decade of work by the acclaimed Norwegian artist. Employing a diverse range of media, her complex and disorientating art explores the relationship between individuals and their surroundings.

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Under the Influence

John Deakin, Photography and the Lure of Soho


Robin Muir

April 2014


This acclaimed book presents the colourful and celebrated characters of postwar Soho as seen by a maverick photographer ‘whose pictures take you by the scruff of the neck and insist that you see’.

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Many Faces of Jonathan Yeo_front jacket

The Many Faces of Jonathan Yeo

Texts by Martin Gayford, Giles Coren and Sarah Howgate

October 2013


Coinciding with an exhibition at London’s National Portrait Gallery, this is the first major publication on one of Britain’s best-known portrait painters. More than a monograph on a single artist, the book explores the state of portraiture today and the risks faced by both portraitist and sitter.

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Home Truths

Photography and Motherhood


Edited by Susan Bright

October 2013


Published to coincide with a touring exhibition, this striking book examines contemporary interpretations of one of the most enduring subjects in the history of picture-making: the image of the mother.

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Titian Metamorphosis

Edited and introduced by Minna Moore Ede

Foreword by Dame Monica Mason

January 2013

£24.99 SALE £17.50

This beautiful book celebrates a remarkable project involving three artists working with leading choreographers and composers to create new works inspired by the paintings of Titian.

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Titian Metamorphosis special edition1

Titian Metamorphosis special edition

Edited and introduced by Minna Moore Ede

Foreword by Dame Monica Mason

January 2013


Edition of 250

Celebrating a unique project by The Royal Ballet and the National Gallery, this edition comes with original prints by Chris Ofili, Mark Wallinger and Conrad Shawcross.

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Unexpected Guest cover

The Unexpected Guest

Edited by Sally Tallant and Paul Domela

October 2012

£18.95 SALE £11.95

Published in association with Liverpool Biennial, this timely collection of specially commissioned texts and art works addresses notions of hospitality, a growing area of study in cultural and academic disciplines.

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Edited by Anthony Spira and Natalie Hope O'Donnell

July 2012

£35.00  SOLD OUT

A major monograph on the visionary Norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner, celebrated for his epic satires on modern society, as well as for his hedonistic and unconventional lifestyle.

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